1000+ Java Interview Questions and Answers

This page has a one-stop shop of all the interview questions on Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, Full-Stack development, and more.

These are interview questions and answers based on my past 12+ years of experience in Java development, so I am sure you may get these questions in the interviews.

1. Java Interview Questions and Answers

Java Basics and OOPs Concepts

Java Collections Interview Questions and Answers

Java Coding Interview Questions and Answers

Java 8 Interview Questions and Answers

2. Spring and Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers

3. JPA/Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers

4. Java Programs for Interviews

Note that these programs are frequently asked in Java interviews. All these Java programs have step-by-step explanations along with their output.

Java String Programs with Output

Java 8 Programs with Output

Java Pattern Programs with Output

  1. ArrayDeque vs LinkedList in Java
  2. ConcurrentHashMap vs HashMap in Java
  3. PriorityQueue vs LinkedList in Java
  4. WeakHashMap vs HashMap in Java
  5. IdentityHashMap vs HashMap in Java
  6. CopyOnWriteArraySet vs HashSet in Java
  7. SynchronizedMap vs ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  8. TreeMap vs LinkedHashMap in Java
  9. EnumSet vs HashSet in Java
  10. EnumMap vs HashMap in Java
  11. Queue vs Stack in Java
  12. NavigableMap vs SortedMap in Java
  13. NavigableSet vs SortedSet in Java
  14. Iterable vs Collection in Java
  15. Difference between final, finally, and finalize in Java
  16. Difference between Error and Exception in Java
  17. Checked Exception vs Unchecked Exception in Java
  18. Difference between Object and Class in Java
  19. Difference between Runnable and Thread in Java
  20. Difference between == and equals() method in Java
  21. static variable vs instance variable in Java
  22. Abstract Class vs Interface in Java
  23. fail-fast vs fail-safe Iterators in Java
  24. Difference between break and continue in Java
  25. Difference between constructors and methods in Java
  26. Difference between throws and throw in Java
  27. synchronized block vs synchronized method in Java
  28. while loop vs do-while loop in Java
  29. Immutable vs Mutable objects in Java
  30. Difference between Annotation and Enum in Java
  31. static block vs static method in Java
  32. Marker Interface vs Functional Interface in Java
  33. Shallow Copy vs Deep Copy in Java
  34. Composition vs Inheritance in Java
  35. Difference between volatile and transient in Java
  36. Difference between sleep() and wait() in Java
  37. Difference between & and && in Java
  38. Difference between | and || in Java
  39. Switch-Case vs If-Else in Java?
  40. Default Method vs Static Method in Java Interfaces
  41. For Loop vs Enhanced For Loop (for-each) in Java
  42. Difference between Servlet and JSP in Java
  43. Difference between ORM and JDBC in Java
  44. hashCode() vs equals() in Java
  45. Difference between Throwable and Exception in Java
  46. Difference between import and package in Java
  47. Daemon Thread vs User Thread in Java
  48. Difference between literal and constant in Java
  49. Difference between this and super Keyword in Java
  50. Lambda vs Anonymous Class in Java
  51. Stack vs Heap Memory in Java
  52. Runnable vs Callable in Java
  53. Difference between Path and File in Java NIO
  54. count() vs length() in Java Stream API
  55. Intermediate vs Terminal Operations in Java Stream API
  56. Executor vs ExecutorService in Java
  57. Primitive Data Type vs Reference Data Type in Java
  58. Compiler vs Interpreter in Java
  59. Difference between WAR and JAR in Java
  60. Dependency Injection vs Factory Pattern in Java
  61. Difference between PUT and POST in Java REST API
  62. Static Nested Class vs Inner Class in Java
  63. Difference between GET and POST in Java Web Services
  64. Encapsulation vs Abstraction in Java
  65. JPA vs Hibernate in Java with Example
  66. @Bean vs @Component in Spring
  67. @Autowired vs @Resource in Spring
  68. Difference between JDBC and JPA
  69. Difference between Spring Security and OAuth2
  70. Difference between Spring Cloud and Spring Boot
  71. Difference between Spring Boot and Microservices
  72. @RequestParam vs @PathVariable in Spring Boot
  73. @Query vs NamedQuery in JPA
  74. Spring Data JPA vs Hibernate in Java with Example
  75. @Controller vs @RestController in Spring Boot 
  76. Difference Between Source Code and Byte Code in Java 
  77. Difference between Byte Code and Machine Code 
  78. Difference between JIT and JVM in Java
  79. Find the Duration of Difference Between Two Dates in Java

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