Java Generics Tutorial

This is a complete beginner to expert in-depth Java Generics Tutorial. Generics were added in Java 5 to provide compile-time type checking and removing the risk of ClassCastException that was common while working with collection classes. 

The source code examples of this tutorial are well tested with our local development environment and you can use these code examples as bug-free. The complete core java reference guide available on Core Java Guide.

Java Generics Guide

>> Java Generics - Generics Basics

Java Generics Examples

>> Java Generics Wildcards Example
>> Java Generics Upper Bounded Wildcards Example
>> Java Generics Lower Bounded Wildcards Example

Java Generics Best Practices

>> Java Generics Best Practices

After reading the above tutorial, I would like to introduce few limitations of Java Generics.

Generics Limitations

Let me summary few limitations of Java Generics: Note that I have tested these limitations in eclipse and added screenshots for your reference.

>> Generics don't work with primitive types

>> We cannot create an instance of a type parameter:

>> We cannot declare static fields of a type parameter:

>> Due to type erasure, you cannot use instanceof with generic types:

>> We cannot instantiate an array of generic types

>> We cannot create, catch, or throw generic types

I hope you enjoyed learning this tutorial.

Happy learning and keep coding !!!