Core Java Developers Guide

Java Basics

Wrapper Classes Guide

Java Arrays Guide

1. Java Array Basics Guide

String Handling

Read complete String Handling in Java on String Handling API Guide 

Serialization in Java

Guide to Collections Framework


List Implementations

General-Purpose List Implementations:

Set Implementations

Map Implementations


Aggregate Operations(Streams)

Collections Helper/Utility Classes

          - Sorting
          - Shuffling
          - Searching
          - Composition
          - Finding Extreme Values

Best Practices and Examples

Read complete Collections Framework in Java on Collections Framework Guide

Java Generics Guide 

Java I/O Basics

File Handling Examples

List of the File examples to show the use of Java I/O to create, read, write, modify a file and get the file’s information.

File Serialization Examples

File Compression Examples


File Utilities

Java I/O Reference