Kotlin Tutorial

This page contains a collection of Kotlin tutorials, articles, and guides with source code on the GitHub repository.


  1. Kotlin Hello World Application using Eclipse IDE 
  2. Kotlin - Sort ArrayList of Custom Objects By Property
  3. 5 Ways to Iterate Over a List in Kotlin
  4. Kotlin List Tutorial with Examples 
  5. Kotlin Set Tutorial with Examples
  6. Kotlin String
  7. Kotlin Arrays
  8. Kotlin - if, if-else, if-else-if and nested if statements
  9. Kotlin Class and Objects

Tutorials on Kotlin Important Functions

Data Structures in Kotlin

A data structure is a way of organizing and storing data so that it can be accessed and modified efficiently. The choice of a particular data structure depends on the nature of the application and its specific requirements. Essentially, data structures are about managing and organizing data. 

Here are the common Data Structures implemented using Kotlin programming:

Algorithms in Kotlin

An algorithm is a finite set of well-defined instructions for completing a task or solving a problem. It is essentially a procedure or formula to solve a particular problem, considering the resources available. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and many other fields. 

Here are the common Algorithms implemented using Kotlin programming: