Java String Handling Tutorial

This is a complete guide to Java String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer methods/APIs. The source code examples of this guide are well tested with our local development environment and you can use these examples as bug-free. You can learn more about Java on Complete Core Java Developer Guide.

In this guide, you will learn StringStringBuilder, and StringBuffer basic concepts, APIs/methods with examples, coding, programs and more.

Java String API Guide

  1. Java String Class API Guide
  2. Guide to Java String Constant Pool
  3. Java String Methods with Examples
  4. Guide to String Best Practices in Java (Best Practice) 
  5. String Special Operations with Examples
  6. String Comparison Methods with Examples
  7. String Methods for Character Extraction
  8. String Searching Methods with Examples
  9. String Modifying Methods with Examples
  10. Java 8 StringJoiner Class

Java StringBuilder and StringBuffer API Guide

Java String Programs

Once you will learn String using String API Guide then we will suggest you practice below String related programs for hands-on experience(These programs are asked in interviews).

Java String Conversion Examples

Conversion from String to Wrapper classes or Primitive types
Conversion from Wrapper classes or Primitive types to String

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