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In Java, String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer are used to represent and manipulate sequences of characters. 


Immutable: Once a String object is created, its value cannot be changed. Any modification to the string results in a new object. 

Syntax: Strings can be created using string literals or the new keyword. 

Performance: Since strings are immutable, repeated modifications can be less efficient as new objects are created for each change. 

Thread Safety: Immutable objects are inherently thread-safe, so no synchronization is required.

String str = "Hello, World!";


Mutable: Unlike String, StringBuilder is mutable, meaning that its content can be changed without creating a new object. 

Syntax: StringBuilder objects must be explicitly created using the new keyword.

Performance: Since it's mutable, StringBuilder is generally more efficient for repeated modifications to the same object. 

Thread Safety: It is not synchronized, making it not thread-safe. It's suitable for single-threaded scenarios.


StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder("Hello");
builder.append(", World!");


Mutable: Like StringBuilder, StringBuffer is also mutable. 

Syntax: StringBuffer objects must be explicitly created using the new keyword. 

Performance: Slightly slower than StringBuilder due to synchronization. 

Thread Safety: It is synchronized, making it thread-safe. If you need to manipulate strings across multiple threads, StringBuffer might be the preferred option. 

StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer("Hello");
buffer.append(", World!");

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