Java Collections Tutorial

This tutorial is a one-stop shop for all the Java collections interfaces, implementation classes, interface questions and answers, practical examples, utility methods, etc.

The Java Collections Tutorial source code examples have been written using the latest version of JDK. The source code examples and practices described in this tutorial have been well-tested in our development environment.

YouTube Video - Java Collections Framework Course

1. Core Interfaces

2. List Implementations

General-Purpose List Implementations:
General-Purpose Set Implementations:
Special-Purpose Set Implementations:

4. Map Implementations

General-purpose Map Implementations:

6. Aggregate Operations(Streams)

7. Collections Helper/Utility Classes

8. Conversion Collections Examples

9. Collections Examples

10. Interview QA - Differences

11. YouTube Video Series - Java Collections Framework in Depth Series

The complete YouTube playlist at Learn Java Collections Framework

12. Best Practices and Interviews


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