Java program to Count Number of Duplicate Words in String

In this post, we will write a simple Java program to count a number of duplicate words in a given string.
In this program, please refer the comments, each line of code is explained via comments.

Java Program to Count Number of Duplicate Words in Given String

import java.util.HashMap;

import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

 * Java program to count number of duplicate words in given string
 * @author
public class DuplicateWordsInString {
    private static void duplicateWords(String inputString) {
        // Splitting inputString into words
        final String[] words = inputString.split(" ");

        // Creating one HashMap with words as key and their count as value
        final Map < String, Integer > wordCount = new HashMap < String, Integer > ();

        // Checking each word
        for (String word: words) {
            // whether it is present in wordCount
            if (wordCount.containsKey(word)) {
                // If it is present, incrementing it's count by 1
                wordCount.put(word, wordCount.get(word) + 1);
            } else {
                // If it is not present, put that word into wordCount with 1 as
                // it's value
                wordCount.put(word, 1);

        // Extracting all keys of wordCount
        final Set < String > wordsInString = wordCount.keySet();

        // Iterating through all words in wordCount

        for (String word: wordsInString) {
            // if word count is greater than 1

            if (wordCount.get(word) > 1) {
                // Printing that word and it's count
                System.out.println(word + " : " + wordCount.get(word));

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        duplicateWords("java guides java");

        duplicateWords("Java is java again java");

        duplicateWords("Super Man Bat Man Spider Man");
java : 2
java : 2
man : 2

Let's analysis and understand the above program:
1. Used split() method to split input String into words.
2. We used HashMap to store key, value pair that is a word with its count. 
final Map<String, Integer> wordCount = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
3. Used containsKey method of HashMap to check whether the word present or not. If HashMap contains word then increment its value by 1 and If a word is not present, put that word as key and value as 1.

4. Finally, iterate over HashMap keyset and check with each key's value, if it is greater than 1 then it is a duplicate word.

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