How Spring MVC Works Internally

In this quick article, we will understand step by step how spring MVC works internally. This is one of the frequently asked interview questions on the Spring MVC framework.
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Components in Spring MVC

- DispatcherServlet
- Handler Mapper
- Controller
- ViewResolver
- View 

How Spring MVC Works Internally | Spring MVC Request Flow

The above diagram represents how an HTTP request is processed from start to end in the Spring MVC framework step by step.

Step 1 - When the client (browser) sends an HTTP request to a specific URL. The DispatcherServlet of Spring MVC receives the request.

Step 2 - DispatcherServlet consult to HandlerMapper to identify which controller is responsible to handle the HTTP request.

Step 3 - HandlerMapper selects the controller which is mapped to the incoming request URL and returns the (selected Handler) and Controller details to DispatcherServlet.

Step 4 - Now DispatcherServlet knows which controller is responsible to process the request so DispatcherServlet will forward that request to the corresponding controller to process the request.

Step 5 - Now the Controller process the request, validates the request, and creates a model with data. Finally, the Controller returns the logical name of view and model to the DispatcherServlet.

Step 6 - DispatcherServlet consult ViewResolver to resolve a logical view with the physical view that exists in the application.

Step 7 - ViewResolver responsible to map logical view with actual view and return the actual view details back to the DispatcherServlet.

Step 8 - Now DispatcherServlet sends the view and model to the View component.

Step 9 - The View component merge view and model and forms a plain HTML output. Finally, the View component sends HTML output back to the DispatcherServlet.

Step 10 - The DispatcherServlet finally sends HTML output as a response back to the browser for rendering.


This article explained in-detail with an example in below YouTube video:


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