Python Program to Find Common Characters in Two Strings

1. Introduction

Common characters between two strings are the set of characters that appear in both strings. The problem involves comparing two strings and identifying the characters that occur in both. In this tutorial, we will see how to write a Python program to find common characters in two strings.

2. Program Steps

1. Initialize two strings for comparison.

2. Use set operations to find the intersection of characters.

3. Convert the intersecting characters back to a string.

4. Print the common characters.

3. Code Program

# Define the two strings
string1 = "python"
string2 = "typhon"

# Convert the strings into sets and find the intersection
common_chars = set(string1) & set(string2)

# Convert the set back into a string
common_chars = ''.join(sorted(common_chars))

# Print the common characters
print(f"Common characters: {common_chars}")


Common characters: hnopty


1. string1 and string2 are defined as "python" and "typhon".

2. set(string1) and set(string2) convert the strings into sets of unique characters.

3. The & operator finds the intersection of these sets, which are the common characters.

4. sorted(common_chars) sorts the characters alphabetically, then ''.join() concatenates them into a string.

5. print outputs the string of common characters, showing "hnopty" as the characters present in both string1 and string2.