Python Program to Count Words in a Sentence

1. Introduction

Word count in a sentence is a basic task that's often required in text processing, summarization, and analysis. A word is a substring in a sentence that is usually separated by spaces or punctuation. In this tutorial, we will learn how to write a Python program to count words in a sentence.

2. Program Steps

1. Start with a sentence in which to count the words.

2. Use Python's string method split() to separate the sentence into words based on spaces.

3. Count the number of elements in the list generated by split(), which corresponds to the number of words.

4. Print the word count.

3. Code Program

# Sentence to count words in
sentence = "Hello world! Python programming is fun."

# Split the sentence into words based on spaces
words = sentence.split()

# Count the number of words
word_count = len(words)

# Print the word count
print(f"The number of words in the sentence is: {word_count}")


The number of words in the sentence is: 6


1. sentence is the given string for which the word count will be determined.

2. The split() method is called on sentence, which divides the sentence into a list of words. By default, split() uses any whitespace as a delimiter.

3. words is the list of substrings created by split().

4. word_count is calculated by using the len() function, which returns the number of items in the list words.

5. The print statement outputs the word_count using an f-string to insert the value into the text, indicating there are 6 words in sentence.