Python Program to Concatenate Two Strings

1. Introduction

Concatenation of strings is the process of joining two or more strings end-to-end. In Python, this is a fundamental operation often used in the construction of messages, file paths, URLs, and other string manipulations.

2. Problem Statement

Create a Python program that concatenates two given strings into one single string.

3. Solution Steps

1. Take two strings as input.

2. Concatenate the second string to the first using the '+' operator or the join method.

3. Output the concatenated result.

4. Code Program

# Define the first and second strings
str1 = "Hello"
str2 = "World"

# Concatenate strings using the '+' operator
concatenated_str = str1 + " " + str2

# Print the concatenated string
print(f"The concatenated string is: {concatenated_str}")


The concatenated string is: Hello World


1. str1 and str2 hold the two strings to be concatenated, "Hello" and "World".

2. The '+' operator is used to concatenate str1, a space character " ", and str2 into one string concatenated_str.

3. The print statement outputs the result with the help of an f-string, showing the combined string "Hello World".