R Program to Split a String into Words

1. Introduction

Splitting a string into individual words is a fundamental operation in string manipulation. In R, the strsplit() function can be used to split a string based on a specified delimiter. For this tutorial, we will focus on splitting a string into words using spaces as the delimiter.

2. Program Overview

The program will:

1. Define a string containing multiple words.

2. Use the strsplit() function with space (" ") as the delimiter to split the string into words.

3. Display the list of words.

3. Code Program

# Define a string containing multiple words
sentence <- "R is a language for data analysis."

# Split the string into words using space as the delimiter
words_list <- strsplit(sentence, split = " ")

# Display the list of words


[1] "R"        "is"       "a"        "language" "for"      "data"     "analysis."

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We start by defining a variable "sentence" that contains the text "R is a language for data analysis.".

2. The strsplit() function is then used to split the "sentence" into individual words. The delimiter specified is a space (split = " "). The result of strsplit() is a list.

3. We use the print() function in conjunction with unlist() to display the words. The unlist() function is used to convert the list into a simple vector so it's printed in a more readable format.

Splitting strings into components based on delimiters is a foundational task in text processing. With R's strsplit() function, this becomes an easy and straightforward task.