R Program to Perform String Concatenation

1. Introduction

String concatenation refers to the operation of joining multiple strings end-to-end to form a single string. In R, the most commonly used function for string concatenation is paste(). In this tutorial, we'll explore how to concatenate strings using R.

2. Program Overview

The program will:

1. Define two strings.

2. Use the paste() function to concatenate these strings.

3. Display the concatenated string.

3. Code Program

# Define two strings
string1 <- "Hello"
string2 <- "World!"

# Concatenate the strings using the paste() function
concatenated_string <- paste(string1, string2, sep = " ")

# Display the concatenated string


[1] "Hello World!"

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We start by defining two strings: "string1" which contains the text "Hello" and "string2" which contains the text "World!".

2. The paste() function is employed to concatenate the two strings. The function can accept multiple arguments (i.e., the strings to be concatenated). By default, the strings are concatenated with a space in between. If you wish to have a different separator or no separator at all, you can specify the "sep" parameter. In our example, we use a space as the separator.

3. The concatenated string is stored in the variable "concatenated_string".

4. Finally, the print() function is used to display the result, which is "Hello World!".

Using the paste() function, we can easily concatenate multiple strings in R. If we wish to concatenate without any spaces or use a different separator, we simply adjust the "sep" parameter accordingly.