R Program to Convert Lowercase to Uppercase

1. Introduction

Often, when dealing with textual data, there's a need to adjust the case of strings. While R offers multiple functions to manipulate strings. In this tutorial, we'll focus on converting a string from lowercase to uppercase using the toupper() function.

2. Program Overview

The program will:

1. Define a string in lowercase.

2. Use the toupper() function to convert the string to uppercase.

3. Display the converted uppercase string.

3. Code Program

# Define a string in lowercase
lowercase_string <- "hello, world!"

# Convert the string to uppercase using the toupper() function
uppercase_string <- toupper(lowercase_string)

# Display the converted uppercase string



4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We begin by defining a variable "lowercase_string" containing the text "hello, world!" in lowercase.

2. We then apply the toupper() function to "lowercase_string" to transform all its characters to uppercase. The outcome is saved in the variable "uppercase_string".

3. Finally, the print() function is used to present the "uppercase_string".

With the toupper() function, converting strings to uppercase in R becomes an effortless task, proving valuable in various applications like data formatting and text analysis.