R Program to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase

1. Introduction

Converting string cases is a frequent necessity in data cleaning and text processing. R provides built-in functions to easily convert strings to lowercase or uppercase. In this tutorial, we'll focus on converting a string from uppercase to lowercase using the tolower() function.

2. Program Overview

The program will:

1. Define a string in uppercase.

2. Use the tolower() function to convert the string to lowercase.

3. Display the converted lowercase string.

3. Code Program

# Define a string in uppercase
uppercase_string <- "HELLO, WORLD!"

# Convert the string to lowercase using the tolower() function
lowercase_string <- tolower(uppercase_string)

# Display the converted lowercase string


[1] "hello, world!"

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We start by defining a variable "uppercase_string" that contains the text "HELLO, WORLD!" in uppercase.

2. The tolower() function is then applied to the "uppercase_string" to convert all of its characters to lowercase. The result is stored in the variable "lowercase_string".

3. We use the print() function to display the "lowercase_string".

The tolower() function is a simple and efficient way to convert string characters to lowercase in R, which can be especially useful in scenarios like data preprocessing and normalization.