R Program to Find Minimum of Two Numbers

1. Introduction

Identifying the smaller value between two numbers is as essential as finding the maximum. Such evaluations are foundational in various algorithms, data-filtering processes, and computational decisions. In today's tutorial, we will walk through the creation of an R program that determines the minimum between two numbers given by the user.

2. Program Overview

The program's objective is straightforward: get two numbers from the user, compare them, and then display the smallest. This simple operation offers insights into decision-making processes in R programming.

3. Code Program

# Prompt the user for the first number
cat("Enter the first number: ")
number1 <- as.numeric(readLines(n=1))

# Prompt the user for the second number
cat("Enter the second number: ")
number2 <- as.numeric(readLines(n=1))

# Determine which of the two numbers is the smallest
if (number1 < number2) {
    cat("The minimum between", number1, "and", number2, "is:", number1, "\n")
} else if (number1 > number2) {
    cat("The minimum between", number1, "and", number2, "is:", number2, "\n")
} else {
    cat("Both numbers are equal.\n")


Enter the first number: 7
Enter the second number: 9
The minimum between 7 and 9 is: 7

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We initiate the program using the cat function, which requests the first number from the user.

2. To capture the input, we utilize readLines(n=1). As the input is initially in character format, as.numeric facilitates its conversion to a numeric value, which is then stored in the number1 variable.

3. In a similar vein, the program requests and processes the second number, saving it under the number2 variable.

4. With both numbers available, the program's comparison stage begins. Through an if-else conditional structure, the two numbers are juxtaposed.

5. If number1 is less than number2, the program highlights number1 as the minimum. In the opposite scenario, where number1 surpasses number2, number2 emerges as the smaller value. When the two numbers match, the program indicates their equality.

6. The cat function is then employed to display the result, granting the user clarity on which number holds the lesser value.