Spring InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException

In this post, we will explore InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException, and its causes and solutions. 

What is InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException? 

The InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException is thrown when you misuse the API provided by the Spring Data JPA module. This generally happens when there's a misalignment between the expectations of the API and how it's actually being used. 

Common Causes and Solutions

Using a Non-Managed Entity Instance

Cause: Attempting to save or update a transient, non-managed entity.

MyEntity entity = new MyEntity();
InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: The instance passed for save(...) is not a managed entity.

Solution: Ensure that entities passed to repository methods are managed by JPA.

Illegal use of getOne

Cause: Invoking getOne(ID id) without actually using the returned reference, leading to lazy initialization.

MyEntity entity = repository.getOne(id);
InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: You should not treat the result of getOne(ID) as a detached entity.

Solution: Instead of getOne, use findById(ID id) which returns an Optional<MyEntity>.

Null Values in Repository Methods

Cause: Passing a null value to a repository method that does not accept null.

InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: ID must not be null.

Solution: Always ensure to pass non-null values when invoking repository methods.

Illegal Cascade Operation

Cause: Using cascade operations on entities that aren't related or properly mapped.

@OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
private Set<MyEntity> entities;
InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: Removing a detached instance [...]

Solution: Ensure that the entities have been properly related using JPA annotations.

Improper Query Derivation

Cause: Mistake in method name leading to Spring Data JPA being unable to derive the query.

List<MyEntity> findByNonExistentProperty(String value);


InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: Failed to create query for method [...]

Solution: Ensure that the method name correctly matches the entity's properties.

Best Practices for Troubleshooting

Detailed Logs: As with many Spring exceptions, a good starting point is the detailed exception message and the stack trace.

Consistency: Ensure you're consistent in your usage of JPA or Spring Data repository methods. 

Unit Testing: Create unit tests around your repositories. This can help in catching these issues early during the development phase. 

Understand JPA: Having a deep understanding of JPA, its lifecycle, and how Spring Data repositories work is key to avoiding these exceptions. 


The InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException might seem cryptic at first glance. However, with a deep dive into its causes and armed with solutions, you can avoid these pitfalls and make the most of Spring Boot's data access capabilities. Remember, the stack trace is your friend and a treasure trove of information; don't ignore it. Happy coding!

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