Jersey Rest Examples

This page describes collections of Jersey Rest examples. These examples demonstrate all the features of Jersey Rest Framework. You can also refer Jersey Rest Tutorial to learn concepts and basics.

Jersey Rest - Getting Started Examples

Jersey Rest Source Code Examples at GitHub

  • Clipboard Example - Very basic programmatically created resource example showcases CRUD functionality implemented via HTTP POST, GET, PUT and DELETE methods. A simple clipboard is simulated which is capable of handling text data only.
  • Jersey Rest Freemaker Example - This example demonstrates how to use Freemarker templating engine to produce web pages via Jersey viewable support.
  • Multipart Web app Example - This example demonstrates how to develop RESTful web service with demonstrating JAX-RS Integration with MIME MultiPart Message Formats and an EE 6 compliant Web container.

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Rest API Design Best Practices

If you are new to Restful terms then read my Restful Tutorial - You will learn everything about REST here.