TypeScript: Reverse a String

1. Introduction

A common programming task is to reverse a string. While there are many ways to accomplish this, we'll explore a simple method in TypeScript to reverse a string without using the built-in reverse() method.

2. Program Overview

Our aim is to write a function named reverseString which takes a string as its argument and returns the reversed version of that string.

3. Code Program

// Function to reverse a string
function reverseString(input: string): string {
    let reversed = "";
    for (let char of input) {
        reversed = char + reversed;
    return reversed;

// Test the function
const originalString = "TypeScript";
console.log(`Original String: ${originalString}`);
console.log(`Reversed String:`, reverseString(originalString));


Original String: TypeScript
Reversed String: tpircSepyT

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We begin by defining our function reverseString which accepts a string named input as its parameter.

2. Inside the function, we initialize an empty string named reversed which will hold our reversed string.

3. Using a for-of loop, we iterate through each character of the input string.

4. For every iteration, we add the current character at the beginning of our reversed string. This approach effectively reverses the string as we progress through the loop.

5. Once the loop completes, we have our reversed string ready, which we return.

6. Finally, we test our function by passing the string "TypeScript" and printing the original as well as the reversed string.