Java Currency Class Methods

The Currency class in Java is part of the Java API used to represent currency information. This class provides methods to get various properties of a currency, such as its code, symbol, and display name. It also allows you to list all available currencies.

This guide covers various methods available in the Currency class. Each method is described in simple terms to help beginners understand how to use them. These methods allow you to access currency details, making it useful for financial applications.

For more detailed information, please refer to the official Java SE Documentation.

Java Currency Class Methods

The table below contains various methods of the Java Currency class, each with a link to a detailed explanation, examples, and real-world uses. Click on the method names to learn more about how to use them effectively in your applications.

Method Description
getAvailableCurrencies() Returns a set of all available currencies.
getDisplayName() Returns the display name of the currency for the default locale.
getCurrencyCode() Returns the ISO 4217 currency code of the currency.
getInstance() Returns the currency instance for the given currency code.
getNumericCode() Returns the numeric code of the currency.
getSymbol() Returns the symbol of the currency for the default locale.