VMware Spring Professional Certification

In this article, we will discuss what is the VMware Spring Professional certification, exam details, exam topics, and resources to prepare for this exam.

Well, VMware Spring Professional is one of the best certifications for Java developers to validate his/her knowledge of Spring and Spring boot.

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What is VMware Spring Professional 2022 Certification?

Earning this certification will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to develop Spring applications leveraging key Spring and Spring Boot technologies such as Dependency Injection, Java configuration, AOP, Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC (REST-focused), Spring Security, Testing, Auto-configuration, and Actuator.

Exam Topics 

As per the latest changes for this certification in 2022, here are the topics for this exam.

1. Spring Core

Java Configuration

  • Define Spring Beans using Java code
  • Access Beans in the Application Context
  • Handle multiple Configuration files
  • Handle Dependencies between Beans
  • Explain and define Bean Scopes Objective

Properties and Profiles

  • Use External Properties to control Configuration
  • Demonstrate the purpose of Profiles
  • Use the Spring Expression Language (SpEL) Objective

Annotation-Based Configuration and Component Scanning

  • Explain and use Annotation-based Configuration
  • Discuss Best Practices for Configuration choices
  • Use @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy
  • Explain and use “Stereotype” Annotations Objective

Spring Bean Lifecycle

  • Explain the Spring Bean Lifecycle
  • Use a BeanFactoryPostProcessor and a BeanPostProcessor
  • Explain how Spring proxies add behavior at runtime
  • Describe how Spring determines bean creation order
  • Avoid issues when Injecting beans by type Objective

Aspect-Oriented Programming

  • Explain the concepts behind AOP and the problems that it solves
  • Implement and deploy Advice using Spring AOP
  • Use AOP Pointcut Expressions
  • Data Management Objective

2. Data Management

Introduction to Spring JDBC

  • Use and configure Spring’s JdbcTemplate
  • Execute queries using callbacks to handle result sets
  • Handle data access exceptions Objective

Transaction Management with Spring

  • Describe and use Spring Transaction Management
  • Configure Transaction Propagation
  • Setup Rollback rules

Spring Boot and Spring Data for Backing Stores

  • Implement a Spring JPA application using Spring Boot
  • Create Spring Data Repositories for JPA

3. Spring MVC

Web Applications with Spring Boot

  • Explain how to create a Spring MVC application using Spring Boot
  • Describe the basic request processing lifecycle for REST requests
  • Create a simple RESTful controller to handle GET requests
  • Configure for deployment

REST Applications

  • Create controllers to support the REST endpoints for various verbs
  • Utilize RestTemplate to invoke RESTful services

4. Testing

Testing Spring Applications

  • Write tests using JUnit 5
  • Write Integration Tests using Spring
  • Configure Tests using Spring Profiles
  • Extend Spring Tests to work with Databases

Advanced Testing with Spring Boot and MockMVC

  • Enable Spring Boot testing
  • Perform integration testing
  • Perform MockMVC testing
  • Security Objective

5. Security

  • Explain basic security concepts
  • Use Spring Security to configure Authentication and Authorization
  • Define Method-level Security

6. Spring Boot

Spring Boot Feature Introduction

  • Explain and use Spring Boot features
  • Describe Spring Boot dependency management Objective

Spring Boot Properties and Autoconfiguration

  • Describe options for defining and loading properties
  • Utilize auto-configuration
  • Override default configuration Objective

Spring Boot Actuator

  • Configure Actuator endpoints
  • Secure Actuator HTTP endpoints
  • Define custom metrics
  • Define custom health indicators
You can download a PDF of these topics from the official VMware website at https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/certification/vmware-vcp-am-develop-exam-guide.pdf

Getting started link

Get started with this latest link for this exam: https://www.vmware.com/learning/certification/vcp-am-dev.html // this link has the latest info so refer to this link to get started with the exam preparation.

Resources to Study for this exam

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How to Prepare for VMware Certified Professional Certification for Spring and Spring Boot in 2022