Now I am VMware Spring Professional 2022 - Passed the Exam

In this quick article, I am happy to share that I have passed the VMware Spring Professional certification exam in 2022.

View my verified achievement from VMware:

Link to my Spring Certified Professional certification badge: VMware Spring Professional 2022

What is VMware Spring Professional Certification?

Earning this badge will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to develop Spring applications leveraging key Spring and Spring Boot technologies such as Dependency Injection, Java configuration, AOP, Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC (REST focused), Spring Security, Testing, Auto-configuration, and Actuator.

Note: VMware changed the name from Spring Certified Professional to Application Modernization in 2022.
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How much time you have taken for the preparation?

Well, I have been using the Spring framework for a decade now and I have written 500+ blog articles, tutorials on each and every topic on the Spring framework.

As I am an experienced Spring and Spring boot developer, it took me around 3-4 days to prepare for this exam.

You might be wondering only 3-4 days? how?

Well, I already knew everything around Spring and Spring boot in-depth (teaching helped me to learn in-depth and teach in-depth) so I just had a revision of all the topics required for the exam from my blog website and Spring official documentation.

How many hours a day?

Well, I have spent 4-5 hours a day recapping the Spring and Spring boot concepts and practicing some mock exams.

What are the Resources you have gone through?

First, I quickly had a revision of my blog articles, tutorials on my blog website:
then, for advanced topics and for the latest information, I have gone through the Spring framework official documentation:
My teaching on YouTube and Udemy helped me to keep up-to-date information about Spring and Spring boot:

Have you taken any Mock exams?

Yes, in order to get some confidence I have taken a few mock tests.

Here is the Spring professional exam dump for practice:

Note that the questions in the real exam are far different from these Mock exams. Your knowledge and experience help you to pass the exam. Mock tests are just to give you some confidence and some idea about the question format.

How to prepare for the exam?

YouTube Video

I have created a short video on this so you can take a took into it here:

How to Prepare for VMware Spring Professional Certification in 2022