Angular + Spring Boot + MySQL CRUD Tutorial - Part #5 - Running Angular CRUD App

In the previous four parts, we have developed a complete step-by-step Angular 10 CRUD application with Spring boot as a back end.

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In this final Part 5 of Spring Boot + Angular 10 CRUD Example Tutorial, we will run an Angular 10 CRUD App.

Running Angular Client Application

Let's run our Angular App with the below command:
ng serve
By default, the Angular app runs on the 4200 port but you can change the default port with the following command:
ng serve --port 4201


Hit the http://localhost:4200 link in a browser that will host this Angular 10 CRUD app.

Below are the screenshots showing UI of our Employee Management System App:

Employee List Page

Add Employee Page

Update Employee Page

View Employee Details Page

This completed the complete development of the Angular CRUD application with spring boot as a back end.

Source Code on my GitHub repository

Download source code of this tutorial from my GitHub repository at
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  1. Hi java guide, the guide is perfect, I would like to know how to crud with several entities with one-to-many or many-to-one relationships using spring boot and angular

  2. Salut java guide,le guide est parfait,j'aimerai savoir comment faire le crud avec plusieur entites avec des relation un à plusieurs ou plusieurs à un en utlisisant spring boot et angular


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