How to Add Bootstrap to an Angular 9

In this short article, we will learn how to add Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 to an existing Angular 9 project.
I assume you have already created an Angular 9 project and now we will integrate bootstrap into it.
Refer below tutorials for complete example:
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Installing Bootstrap using NPM

Let's use npm to download bootstrap and note that it will be installed into the node_modules folder. 
For Bootstrap 3:
npm install [email protected]
For Bootstrap 4:
npm install bootstrap

Alternative: Local Bootstrap CSS

As an alternative, you can also download the Bootstrap CSS and add it locally to your project. I downloaded Bootstrap from the official website and created folder styles (same level as styles.css):

Import the Bootstrap CSS

We have two options to import the CSS from Bootstrap that was installed from NPM:
1: Configure angular.json:
"styles": [
"scripts": [
2: Import directly in src/style.css or src/style.scss:
@import '~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';

Alternative: Using Local Bootstrap CSS

If you added the Bootstrap CSS file locally, just import it in angular.json
"styles": [
or src/style.css:
@import './styles/bootstrap-3.3.7-dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';
That's all. we have installed bootstrap using npm or local and imported in angular.json or style.scss.

Refer below tutorials for complete example: