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An Online JSON Formatter is a web-based tool that allows users to input JSON text and get a beautified (or formatted) version of it. You can use this tool to format the JSON and validate the JSON.

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Welcome to the Online JSON Formatter documentation. This tool is designed to beautify and process your JSON files or text in a quick, efficient, and user-friendly manner. 

1. What is an Online JSON Formatter? 

An Online JSON Formatter is a web-based tool that allows users to input JSON text and get a beautified (or formatted) version of it. The main purpose is to make the JSON text more readable and understandable, especially if it was minified or not properly formatted. 

2. Why use an Online JSON Formatter? 

Readability: Often, when JSON data is transmitted or retrieved from web servers, it comes in a minified form to save space. This tool formats that data to make it easily readable. 

Validation: While formatting, if there's an error in the JSON structure, the tool will highlight it, ensuring that your JSON is correctly structured. 

Efficiency: It provides quick and direct formatting without needing any software installation. 

File Support: Users can either paste JSON directly or upload a .json file. 

3. How to use the Online JSON Formatter? 

Direct Input: Simply paste your JSON text into the text area. 

File Upload: Click on the "Upload File" button and select your .json file. 

Choose Indentation: Select your preferred indentation level from the dropdown. The default is 2 spaces. 

Format: Click on the "Format JSON" button. The formatted JSON will appear in the output text area. 

Additional Features: 
  • Clear Output: To remove the formatted JSON from the output area. 
  • Copy Output: To copy the formatted JSON to your clipboard. 
  • Remove Spaces: To minify the formatted JSON, removing all unnecessary spaces. 
  • Download Formatted JSON: If you wish to save the formatted JSON, click this button to download it as a file. 

4. Is the Online JSON Formatter secure? 

Yes, the Online JSON Formatter is client-side based, meaning all the formatting happens directly in your browser. No data is sent to an external server, ensuring that your data remains private and secure. 

5. Conclusion 

The Online JSON Formatter is an essential tool for developers, data analysts, or anyone working with JSON data. It provides an efficient way to format, validate, and process JSON data, ensuring data integrity and readability. With its focus on user data security, it stands out as a reliable and trustworthy tool for all JSON-related tasks.