Java JDBC Code Generator

The Java JDBC Code Generator Tool assists in auto-generating boilerplate Java JDBC code for CRUD operations. This tool is especially useful for developers who frequently deal with database operations and want to avoid the repetitive task of writing similar code.

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Java JDBC Code Generator Tool Documentation 


The Java JDBC Code Generator Tool is a simple web-based application designed to aid in the rapid generation of JDBC DAO (Data Access Object) code for Java applications. By entering table and column information, users can generate a complete DAO class for CRUD operations without having to write the boilerplate code themselves.


Dynamic Field Additions: Users can add any number of fields/columns dynamically. 

Support for Various Column Types: Supports up to 10 different column types including INT, VARCHAR, TEXT, DATE, TIMESTAMP, BOOLEAN, FLOAT, DOUBLE, BLOB, and CHAR. 

Automatic Code Generation: Generates Java code for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations based on the provided table name and fields/columns. 

How to Use This Tool

Enter Table

Enter the table name in the input text. Based on the table name, this tool gives the Java class names so make sure that you give the meaning names and adjust the code accordingly.

Add Fields/Columns 

  • Input the desired column name in the Column Name textbox. 
  • Select the column type from the dropdown menu. 
  • Click the Remove button if you want to remove any field. 

Generate Code 

  • After adding the desired fields, click on the Generate Code button. 
  • The tool will generate Java JDBC code for CRUD operations based on the input provided. 

Code Structure 

The generated code will have the following structure: 
Connection Setup: Code to establish a connection with the database. 

Insert Method: Code to insert data into the database. 

Update Method: Code to update existing data in the database. 

Delete Method: Code to delete data from the database. 

Fetch Method: Code to fetch/read data from the database. 


The tool assumes a basic structure for the DAO class without handling advanced features like connection pooling or advanced error handling. 

While the tool provides a good starting point for generating DAO classes, manual adjustments may be necessary depending on the specific requirements of your project. 


The Java JDBC Code Generator Tool simplifies the process of creating DAO classes in Java applications. By automating the repetitive aspects of code generation, developers can focus on other crucial parts of their projects. Always ensure to test the generated code in a safe environment before deploying it to production.

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