Online MS Excel Test

Gear up for our Online MS Excel Test! This comprehensive quiz includes 45 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your proficiency in Microsoft Excel, a critical tool for data analysis, financial modeling, and day-to-day office tasks. You'll face a range of questions that test your skills in formulas, functions, data manipulation, chart creation, and advanced features like macros. Whether you are a regular user seeking to confirm your knowledge or a professional looking to enhance your Excel skills, this test offers a broad evaluation of your abilities. Ready to demonstrate your Excel expertise? Dive in, and let's see how you perform!

1. What is the primary function of Microsoft Excel?

a) Word processing
b) Spreadsheet analysis
c) Presentation design
d) Database management

2. What does a cell in Excel refer to?

a) A single page of a workbook
b) The intersection of a row and a column
c) A collection of sheets
d) A header on a column

3. How do you create a new Excel workbook?

a) File > Save
b) File > New
c) File > Open
d) File > Exit

4. What symbol is used to start a formula in Excel?

a) @
b) #
c) $
d) =

5. What function calculates the sum of values in a range?

a) SUM()
b) ADD()
c) TOTAL()
d) PLUS()

6. What is a range in Excel?

a) A single cell
b) A set of cells that span across rows and columns
c) The formula bar
d) A type of function

7. Which keyboard shortcut is used to copy a cell or range of cells in Excel?

a) Ctrl + V
b) Ctrl + C
c) Ctrl + X
d) Ctrl + Z

8. What is the purpose of the A1 cell notation in Excel?

a) To identify a formula
b) To denote a function
c) To reference a specific cell
d) To name a table

9. Which feature automatically fills in values based on adjacent cells?

a) AutoComplete
b) AutoCorrect
c) AutoFill
d) AutoSum

10. What type of chart is best for comparing parts of a whole?

a) Line chart
b) Bar chart
c) Scatter plot
d) Pie chart

11. How do you freeze a row in Excel to keep it visible while scrolling?

a) View > Window > Freeze Panes
b) Layout > Window > Freeze Panes
c) Data > Window > Freeze Panes
d) Review > Window > Freeze Panes

12. Which function finds the largest number in a range?

a) MAX()
b) BIG()
c) TOP()
d) HIGH()

13. How can you sort data in Excel?

a) Data > Sort
b) Tools > Sort
c) Home > Sort
d) Insert > Sort

14. What is a macro in Excel?

a) A large font size
b) A cell reference
c) A set of pre-recorded commands
d) A type of function

15. What does #VALUE! error signify in Excel?

a) A cell is incorrectly formatted
b) An incorrect reference in a formula
c) A problem with a formula's calculation
d) The cell is locked

16. Which tab would you use to insert a chart?

a) Home
b) View
c) Data
d) Insert

17. How do you add a comment to a cell in Excel?

a) Review > Comment
b) Insert > Comment
c) Home > Comment
d) File > Comment

18. What does merging cells do in Excel?

a) Splits a cell into multiple cells
b) Combines multiple cells into one
c) Adds formulas to cells
d) Aligns content across cells

19. Which function would you use to calculate the average value in a range?

a) MEAN()
d) AVG()

20. How do you display the formulas within the cells instead of the results of these formulas?

a) View > Show Formulas
b) Home > Show Formulas
c) Formulas > Show Formulas
d) Data > Show Formulas

21. Which function checks if a condition is true or false?

a) IF()
b) CHECK()

22. What is the shortcut to save a workbook in Excel?

a) Ctrl + S
b) Ctrl + W
c) Ctrl + P
d) Ctrl + F

23. Which of the following is NOT a valid Excel file extension?

a) .xlsx
b) .xls
c) .xlsm
d) .xtml

24. How do you insert a new column in Excel?

a) Home > Insert > Insert Sheet Columns
b) Data > Insert > Insert Sheet Columns
c) Insert > Insert Sheet Columns
d) View > Insert > Insert Sheet Columns

25. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a new chart from selected data?

a) Alt + F1
b) Ctrl + F1
c) Shift + F1
d) Ctrl + N

26. Which feature in Excel gives you the ability to view different sections of a document at the same time?

a) Freeze Panes
b) Split
c) Gridlines
d) Zoom

27. How can you apply a filter to multiple columns in Excel?

a) Home tab > Sort & Filter
b) Data tab > Filter
c) Review tab > Filter
d) Insert tab > Filter

28. Which function would you use to combine the values of two or more cells into one cell?

d) ADD

29. What does the VLOOKUP function do?

a) Looks up text that contains 'V'
b) Checks whether a cell is visible
c) Finds things in a table or range by row
d) Calculates vertical sums

30. Which Excel feature allows you to change the view to include titles on every page when printed?

a) Page Layout
b) Print Titles
c) Page Break Preview
d) Margins

31. How do you insert a new worksheet in Excel?

a) Home > Insert > Worksheet
b) File > New > Worksheet
c) Insert > New Worksheet
d) Home > New Sheet

32. What does the 'PMT' function in Excel calculate?

a) Payment between two dates
b) Loan payment based on constant payments and interest rate
c) Payment due dates
d) Permissions management

33. Which option in Excel checks for common errors in formulas?

a) Formula Auditing
b) Error Checking
c) Data Review
d) Formula Checking

34. In Excel, which function can you use to return the current date and time?

a) TODAY()
b) NOW()
d) DATE()

35. Which type of cell reference changes when copied across multiple cells?

a) Absolute
b) Mixed
c) Relative
d) Fixed

36. How can you quickly remove all filters applied to a worksheet?

a) Data tab > Clear
b) Home tab > Clear
c) Data tab > Remove Filters
d) Review tab > Remove Filters

37. What function calculates the number of cells in a range that contain numbers?

a) COUNT()
d) SUM()

38. How do you hide a row in Excel?

a) Right-click the row number > Hide
b) Layout tab > Hide
c) View tab > Hide Row
d) Home tab > Hide

39. Which function is used to round a number down to the nearest integer in Excel?

b) FLOOR()
d) ROUND()

40. What does the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Page Down do in Excel?

a) Moves to the next worksheet
b) Scrolls to the bottom of the worksheet
c) Inserts a new page
d) Reduces the zoom level

41. How can conditional formatting be used in Excel?

a) To change the format of a cell based on rules
b) To correct errors in formulas
c) To delete unnecessary data
d) To sort data alphabetically

42. What function in Excel can you use to calculate the internal rate of return?

a) IRR()
b) RATE()
d) ROR()

43. How do you create a drop-down list in an Excel cell?

a) Data tab > Data Tools > Data Validation
b) Insert tab > Symbols > Dropdown
c) View tab > Window > List
d) Home tab > Editing > List

44. What is the keyboard shortcut for finding and replacing in Excel?

a) Ctrl + F
b) Ctrl + H
c) Ctrl + R
d) Ctrl + S

45. Which tool in Excel allows you to forecast data based on existing data?

a) Scenario Manager
b) Goal Seek
c) Forecast Sheet
d) Data Analysis