Computer Basics Online Test - MCQ Questions

Step into our Computer Basics Online Test! This quiz features 30 multiple-choice questions designed to test your understanding of fundamental computer concepts.

Perfect for beginners and those looking to ensure they have a solid foundation in computer basics, this test will help you measure your skills and identify areas for improvement. Ready to test your knowledge? Let’s get started!

1. What is the main function of a computer?

a) To play music
b) To store furniture
c) To process data
d) To heat the room

2. What is an operating system?

a) A type of software that supports a computer's basic functions
b) The part of the computer that keeps it cool
c) The desk that a computer sits on
d) The person who operates the computer

3. What does RAM stand for?

a) Random Access Memory
b) Readily Available Machine
c) Running Application Module
d) Rapid Action Movement

4. What is a hard drive used for?

a) Storing data permanently
b) Making the computer look good
c) Controlling the computer screen
d) Charging the computer

5. Which device is used to input data into a computer?

a) Monitor
b) Speaker
c) Keyboard
d) Printer

6. What does the CPU do?

a) Powers the computer
b) Performs the computer's main operations and processes
c) Plays videos
d) Stores files

7. What is the Internet?

a) A type of computer
b) A global network connecting millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks
c) A new TV channel
d) A computer game

8. What is an application?

a) A job interview
b) A type of computer hardware
c) A computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities
d) A type of operating system

9. What is phishing?

a) A way to catch fish
b) A technique used to steal personal information via the internet
c) A type of computer game
d) A method for improving internet speed

10. What does USB stand for?

a) Universal Serial Bus
b) Uniform System Block
c) United States Broadcast
d) Unique Signal Beam

11. What is cloud computing?

a) Computing based on weather patterns
b) Storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive
c) A type of computer used in meteorology
d) A gaming software

12. What is malware?

a) Software designed to operate a computer
b) Software used to perform computer upgrades
c) Malicious software designed to harm or exploit any programmable device or network
d) A beneficial data analysis tool

13. What does Wi-Fi stand for?

a) Wired Fidelity
b) Wireless Fidelity
c) Wide Frequency
d) Web Interface

14. What is a browser?

a) A software program created for viewing and managing TV shows
b) A program that allows users to access and view websites on the internet
c) A device used for browsing in stores
d) A light on the computer

15. What is the purpose of a firewall?

a) To protect a computer from unauthorized access
b) To make the computer run faster
c) To store extra data
d) To enhance graphics

16. What is a URL?

a) User Requirement List
b) Uniform Resource Locator
c) Ultimate RAM Limit
d) Unique Radio Link

17. What is a spreadsheet?

a) A tool for managing web pages
b) A software application for capturing video
c) A computer program that allows you to organize, store and analyze data in tabular form
d) A digital form of newspaper

18. What does 'booting up' a computer mean?

a) Connecting the computer to the Internet
b) Starting the computer operating system
c) Installing new software
d) Cleaning the computer

19. What is an output device?

a) Device that controls a computer
b) Device that inputs data into a computer
c) Device that brings data out of a computer
d) Device that powers a computer

20. What is a modem?

a) A device that washes the computer
b) A device that boosts the computer's speed
c) A device that allows computers to communicate over telephone lines
d) A tool for building websites

21. What does 'peripheral' mean in terms of computer hardware?

a) The main parts of the computer
b) Devices connected to the computer which expand its functionality
c) The oldest part of the computer
d) The software that runs the computer

22. What is a gigabyte?

a) A type of computer
b) A measure of computer processor speed
c) A unit of storage capacity
d) A part of the computer screen

23. What is an email attachment?

a) A new email account
b) A decorative item for emails
c) A file sent along with an email message
d) A type of computer virus

24. What does the 'desktop' refer to in a computer?

a) The top of a physical desk where a computer sits
b) The initial screen of a computer's interface where icons are displayed
c) A type of wallpaper
d) The outside case of the computer

25. What is software?

a) The physical parts of a computer
b) The electronic circuits inside a computer
c) The applications and programs that run on a computer
d) A manual for using a computer

26. Which device is used to display the information from a computer?

a) Speaker
b) Monitor
c) Keyboard
d) Printer

27. Which of these is an example of an operating system?

a) Microsoft Excel
b) Google Chrome
c) Windows 11
d) Microsoft Word

28. Which device allows you to move the cursor on a computer screen?

a) Keyboard
b) Monitor
c) Mouse
d) Speaker

29. What is an antivirus?

a) A type of software
b) A web browser
c) A kind of computer virus
d) An email service

30. What does it mean to 'boot' a computer?

a) To remove the computer's case
b) To turn on the computer
c) To connect the computer to the internet
d) To clean the computer