Java LocalTime plusHours()

In this guide, you will learn about the LocalTime plusHours() method in Java programming and how to use it with an example.

1. LocalTime plusHours() Method Overview


The plusHours() method of the LocalTime class in Java is utilized to add the specified number of hours to the current LocalTime instance, returning a new LocalTime object representing the result.


public LocalTime plusHours(long hoursToAdd)


- hoursToAdd: the hours to add, may be negative.

Key Points:

- The plusHours() method returns a new LocalTime instance with the specified hours added to the original time.

- The original LocalTime object remains unmodified, as LocalTime instances are immutable.

- If the addition results in a time beyond 24 hours, the hour value wraps around.

- The method does not affect the minute, second, or nanosecond values of the LocalTime.

- If hoursToAdd is negative, the method effectively subtracts the absolute value of the hours from the current time.

2. LocalTime plusHours() Method Example

import java.time.LocalTime;

public class LocalTimePlusHoursExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Get the current LocalTime
        LocalTime currentTime =;
        System.out.println("Current Local Time: " + currentTime);

        // Add 5 hours to the current LocalTime
        LocalTime timeAfterAddingHours = currentTime.plusHours(5);
        System.out.println("Local Time After Adding 5 Hours: " + timeAfterAddingHours);

        // Subtract 3 hours from the current LocalTime using negative parameter
        LocalTime timeAfterSubtractingHours = currentTime.plusHours(-3);
        System.out.println("Local Time After Subtracting 3 Hours: " + timeAfterSubtractingHours);


Current Local Time: 10:15:30.123456789 (example time, actual output will vary)
Local Time After Adding 5 Hours: 15:15:30.123456789
Local Time After Subtracting 3 Hours: 07:15:30.123456789


In this example, we first retrieve the current LocalTime and print it to the console. 

We then use the plusHours() method to add 5 hours to the current time, resulting in a new LocalTime instance which is printed to the console. 

Subsequently, we demonstrate the subtraction of hours by passing a negative value to plusHours(), subtracting 3 hours from the current time, and printing the resulting LocalTime to the console.