Java LocalDateTime now()

In this guide, you will learn about the LocalDateTime now() method in Java programming and how to use it with an example.

1. LocalDateTime now() Method Overview


The method retrieves the current date and time without a time zone, according to the system clock.


static LocalDateTime now()



Key Points:

- uses the default system clock and the default time zone to obtain the current date-time.

- LocalDateTime is a part of the java.time package introduced in Java 8.

- This method is immutable and thread-safe, thanks to the immutable nature of LocalDateTime.

- It does not consider time-zone adjustments; for timezone-specific values, consider using ZonedDateTime.

- The precision of the retrieved date-time will be up to nanoseconds, depending on the capabilities of the system clock.

2. LocalDateTime now() Method Example

import java.time.LocalDateTime;

public class LocalDateTimeExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Get the current date and time using
        LocalDateTime currentDateTime =;

        System.out.println("Current Date and Time: " + currentDateTime);


Current Date and Time: 2023-09-20T15:10:25.345678


In the example, we use the method to obtain the current date and time. 

When executed, this code will display the current date and time up to nanoseconds precision (though the exact precision may vary depending on the system's capabilities). Since this method does not consider time zones, it will return the date-time based on the system's default time zone.