Solution - No qualifying bean of type found for dependency

The error message "No qualifying bean of a type found for dependency" typically arises when using the Spring framework, and it means that Spring's IoC container cannot find an appropriate bean to inject for a particular dependency. In this post, we will share some common solutions to this error.

Why Does This Error Occur? 

The error occurs when: 

You try to @Autowired (or inject) a bean, but Spring doesn't have any instance of that bean in its context. 

There are multiple beans of the same type in the Spring context, and Spring doesn't know which one to inject. 

The bean or the configuration class is not scanned by Spring's component scanner. 

How to Fix the Error?

Solution 1: Check Component Scanning

Ensure that the class you want to inject is annotated with @Component or another stereotype annotation like @Service, @Repository, or @Controller

Ensure your @SpringBootApplication or @ComponentScan annotation is in the right package to scan the package containing your beans. 

Solution 2: Explicitly Define the Bean

In case auto scanning is not picking up your component, you can define the bean explicitly in a Configuration class:

public class AppConfig {
    public MyBean myBean() {
        return new MyBean();

Solution 3: Use Qualifier for Multiple Beans

If there are multiple beans of the same type, you can use the @Qualifier annotation to specify which bean to autowire.

private MyBean myBean;
If you are still getting the same issue then try the below solutions as well:
Check Profiles: If you're using Spring Profiles, ensure that the right profile is active if the bean is defined under a specific profile. 

External Libraries: If the bean you're trying to inject is part of an external library, ensure that the library is correctly added as a dependency, and its components are being scanned. 

Constructor Injection: Prefer constructor injection over field injection. It's more evident when a class has dependencies, and it can also help avoid some issues related to circular dependencies.
public class MyService {
    private final MyBean myBean;

    public MyService(MyBean myBean) {
        this.myBean = myBean;
Check for Version Conflicts: Ensure that you don't have conflicting versions of Spring or related libraries. Dependency conflicts can sometimes cause unexpected behaviors. 

Check the Error Message: The error message often provides the exact bean type it's trying to inject. Double-check that you haven't made a typo or incorrect package reference. 

By thoroughly going through these checks and understanding the root cause, you can address the "No qualifying bean of a type found for dependency" error and ensure your Spring components wire up correctly.