java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present in Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA

In Spring Boot applications that use Spring Data JPA, the java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present error typically arises in relation to the Optional return type. This is common when using the findById() method of a repository which returns an Optional<T>

Understanding the Error

The Optional class in Java is a container object that may or may not contain a non-null value. If a value is present, isPresent() will return true, and get() will return the value. However, if no value is present, calling get() will throw a NoSuchElementException

When using Spring Data JPA, the findById() method returns an Optional to avoid potential null values and indicate that the desired entity might not exist in the database. If you attempt to get the value without checking for its existence, it can lead to the NoSuchElementException

Common Scenarios in Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA

Fetching a Non-Existent Entity:

private UserRepository userRepository;

public User getUserById(Long id) {
    return userRepository.findById(id).get();
If the user with the given id doesn't exist in the database, the above code will throw an exception. 


Check if Value is Present Before Retrieving:

You can check if a value is present before trying to retrieve it using isPresent() method:
public User getUserById(Long id) {
    Optional<User> userOptional = userRepository.findById(id);
    if(userOptional.isPresent()) {
        return userOptional.get();
    return null; // or throw a custom exception

Use orElse() or orElseGet(): 

These methods provide alternative values or actions if the Optional is empty:
public User getUserById(Long id) {
    return userRepository.findById(id).orElse(null);
public User getUserById(Long id) {
    return userRepository.findById(id).orElseGet(() -> new User()); // returns a new User if not found

Use orElseThrow() to Raise a Custom Exception: 

If you want to throw a custom exception when the entity is not found, orElseThrow() is useful:

public User getUserById(Long id) {
    return userRepository.findById(id)
                         .orElseThrow(() -> 
                          new EntityNotFoundException("User not found with ID: " + id));


The java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present error in Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA commonly occurs due to direct access of an Optional value without checking its presence. With the solutions provided above, you can handle potential empty values gracefully and avoid the exception. Proper handling of Optional values ensures a robust application that can gracefully handle missing data.