Spring Boot Project - Employee Management System | Project for Final Year Students

In this blog post, I am going to inform you that I have published a source code of a simple Employee Management System Spring Boot Project on my GitHub repository.

This project may helpful for final year CSE or MCA students as a final year project.


Employee Management System 

I have implemented the following features in this project:

- List Employee Feature

- Add Employee Feature

- Update Employee Feature

- Delete Employee Feature

- Pagination Feature

- Sorting Feature

- Login Feature

- Registration Feature

- Logout Feature

Project on GitHub - https://github.com/RameshMF/employee-management-webapp

You can extend this project by adding the following modules:

Department module - One department can have multiple employees ( One to Many relationships)

Project Module - One or more projects can be assigned to many employees ( Many to Many relationships)

YouTube Video Series

You can develop this project from the scratch line by line coding using my YouTube videos.

Employee Management Module

Registration and Login Module