Prerequisites to Learn Spring Boot

In this short article, I would like to answer below few questions that I often receive via emails, DM's and comments on my youtube videos:

1. Can I learn Spring boot after Core Java?

2. What are the things that I need to learn before learning Spring Boot?

3. Do I learn Spring boot without Spring framework knowledge?

Let's put all the above questions into a single question "What are Prerequisites to Learn Spring Boot".

I am going to describe my opinion by answering this question.

As per my Opinion here the order to learn Spring boot:

- Core Java 

- Servlets

- Spring core basics

- Spring Boot

YouTube Video

This article is explained very well in below YouTube video:

Core Java

Of course, you learn Core Java and you will plan to learn Spring boot.


You should learn the Servlet basics because If you want to develop Spring MVC web applications then you need to understand about DispatcherServlet.

DispatcherServlet is a Servlet and you won't understand how to configure DispatcherServlet and how DispatcherServlet works if you don't know the Servlet basics.

Just learn Servlet basics but not in-depth so that you will able to understand DispatcherServlet and Filters in Spring boot.

Learn Servlets at

Learn Spring MVC at

Spring Core Basics

People directly jump on to SpringBoot without having any prior Spring knowledge and everything looks magical. It works great as long as go with the defaults and the moment you need to customize it, it feels complex.

I highly suggest learning Spring core basics or fundamentals first before learning Spring boot.

Here are the Spring core concepts or fundamentals you can learn:

- Spring DI concepts

- Spring containers - BeanFactory, ApplicationContext

- Spring AOP

- Spring Beans

- Spring Bean Scopes

- Life Cycle callbacks

- Bean configuration styles: XML, annotation, Java

Learn Spring core concepts here at

Spring Boot

Once you are familiar with Java, Servlets, and Spring core fundamentals then you can learning Spring boot.

Learn and master Spring boot at

Video - Learning Path for Spring Boot

How to Learn Spring Boot Step by Step - Spring Boot Learning Path


As per my Opinion here the order to learn Spring boot:

- Core Java 

- Servlets

- Spring core basics

- Spring Boot