15 Java YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2020

In this post, I would like to suggest 15 youtube channels that you should follow or subscribe to in 2020 to learn and master in Java programming language.

Here is a list of YouTube channels, in no particular order, that upload new, high-quality videos on a regular basis.

1. JavaGuides // my youtube channel

JavaGuides provides productive guides/tutorials in-depth about Java/Java EE, Design Patterns, OOPS, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate Framework, Angular, Testing, Jersey Rest, Restful, Java 7/8/9/10/11, Build tools and more ...

2. Java

When you’re interested in Java, you can’t miss Oracle’s YouTube channel. It brings you lots of talks from JavaOne about the latest features in Java SE 9 and Java EE 8, sessions from the JVM Language Summit about programming languages and VMs, and interviews with leaders in the Java community.

3. thenewboston

This youtube channel is quite popular and has tons of sweet computer related tutorials and some other awesome videos too!. I recommend this youtube tutorial for all Java professionals. 

4. Adam Bien

Adam shows in quick tutorials how easy, efficient and light-weight Java EE development can be. And he also publishes a popular, monthly Q&A show in which he answers the questions of his viewers and readers.

5. Derek Banas

Derek Banas makes tutorials based on user's requests. he will cover any topic that we can imagine. He uploads new programming videos on Saturday and Wednesday morning. He Live Stream at 8PM EST on Monday and at 7PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

6. Thoughts on Java

If you’re using JPA or Hibernate, you shouldn’t miss the Thoughts on Java YouTube channel. Each week, the Author publishes 2 new videos showing you how to implement your persistence layer with ease.

7. InfoQ

The InfoQ channel hosts lots of interesting talks from QCon conferences about various architectural and software development topics.

8. Spring Developer

If you’re working with Spring, you probably already know the Spring Developer channel. The team at Pivotal publishes lots of recorded conference sessions, webinars, and tutorials about Spring.

9. Durga Software Solutions

This channel gives you a clear explanation of each Java concepts. Also useful for Oracle certification.

10. Telusko

Navin Reddy is the creator of this channel and He makes free programming tutorials from beginner to advanced level that includes Java for beginner, Advanced Java, Python, Android, Blockchain, JavaScript, Kotlin, Scala, Spring Framework, Hibernate, C programming, Data Structures, Networking, REST API, and many more.

11. ProgrammingKnowledge

This youtube channel has tons of video tutorials on various programming languages such as Java, C, Python, Data Science, C++, C#, PHP, etc.

12. Cave Programming

Cave of Programming is one of the popular YouTube Channel to learn JAVA coding after the channel ‘thenewboston’. This YouTube channel is established on November 28, 2011.

13. Devoxx

The official Devoxx channel uploads sessions from the most recent Devoxx and Voxxed Days conferences. Watching these videos is not as good as attending the conferences in person but requires a lot less traveling.

14. JetBrainsTV

JetBrains’ YouTube channel provides you with a mix of interesting sessions from KotlinConf, webinars about various software development topics, and tutorials about their IDE tools.

15. NightHacking

If you’re interested in interviews and panel discussions about various Java-related topics, you shouldn’t miss the NightHacking channel.

If you think there are other useful YouTube channel should add to this list then provide channel name in comment section. We will review and add to this list.


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