Java Eclipse Code Refactoring Shortcuts and Tips

This post describes what are shortcuts and tips to refactor a source code in Eclipse IDE with GIF images. We do refactoring most of the time when writing code. Thus, using shortcut keys or refactor menu can boost your productivity.

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1. Eclipse Refactor - Extract Class

The 'Extract class...' refactoring (from Alt+Shift+T) extracts a group of fields into a separate class and replaces all occurrences to fit the new structure.

2. Eclipse Refactor - Extract Interface

Use 'Extract interface...' refactoring technique to extract an interface out of a class (Alt-Shift-T to bring up menu).

3. Eclipse Refactor - Extract Superclass

If you want to extract 'part' of a class into a superclass Use Alt+Shift+T to bring up the menu and select as shown. Lots of customization available in the dialog!.

4. Eclipse Refactor - Extract Method

Use Alt + Shift + M shortcut eclipse key to extract a selection to a method. This helps you move a selected block of code to a separate method with ease. For example:

5. Eclipse Refactor - Push Down

Ever wondered what 'Push down...' in the refactoring menu (Alt+Shift+T) does? It moves methods and fields from a parent class to #all extenders. Quite handy!.

6. Eclipse Refactor - Extract Local Variable

You can now declare a local variable's type as 'var' while extracting it using Alt+Shift+L (shortcut for Extract Local Variable refactoring).

7. Eclipse Refactor - Rename

Use Alt + Shift + R shortcut to rename a variable, a method, a class or even a package name. This is the most frequently used shortcut in code refactoring. Select the whole name of the class, method or variable you want to rename, and then press this shortcut:

8. Eclipse Refactor - Change Method Signature

Use Alt + Shift + C eclipse shortcut key to change the signature of a method. Place the cursor inside a method or select method name, and then press this shortcut. The Change Method Signature dialog appears. You can change various elements of method signature such as access modifier, return type, parameters, exceptions, etc:

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