List of Hibernate Dialects [Links]

Hibernate SQL Dialect is telling your Hibernate application which SQL language should be used to talk with your database.

The below is a list of Hibernate supporting dialects referred from Hibernate official API Doc:
  1. DB2Dialect - An SQL dialect for DB2.
  2. DerbyDialect Hibernate Dialect for Cloudscape 10 - aka Derby.
  3. Dialect Represents a dialect of SQL implemented by a particular RDBMS.
  4. FirebirdDialect An SQL dialect for Firebird.
  5. FrontBaseDialect An SQL Dialect for Frontbase.
  6. H2Dialect A dialect compatible with the H2 database.
  7. HSQLDialect An SQL dialect compatible with HSQLDB (HyperSQL).
  8. HSQLDialect.ReadUncommittedLockingStrategy
  9. InformixDialect Informix dialect.
  10. Ingres10Dialect A SQL dialect for Ingres 10 and later versions.
  11. Ingres9Dialect A SQL dialect for Ingres 9.3 and later versions.
  12. IngresDialect An SQL dialect for Ingres 9.2.
  13. InterbaseDialect An SQL dialect for Interbase.
  14. JDataStoreDialect A Dialect for JDataStore.
  15. MckoiDialect An SQL dialect compatible with McKoi SQL
  16. MimerSQLDialect An Hibernate 3 SQL dialect for Mimer SQL.
  17. MySQL5Dialect An SQL dialect for MySQL 5.x specific features.
  18. MySQL5InnoDBDialect
  19. MySQLDialect An SQL dialect for MySQL (prior to 5.x).
  20. MySQLInnoDBDialect
  21. MySQLMyISAMDialect
  22. Oracle10gDialect A dialect specifically for use with Oracle 10g.
  23. Oracle8iDialect A dialect for Oracle 8i.
  24. Oracle9Dialect Deprecated. Use either Oracle9iDialect or Oracle10gDialect instead
  25. Oracle9iDialect A dialect for Oracle 9i databases.
  26. OracleDialect Deprecated. Use Oracle8iDialect instead.
  27. PointbaseDialect A Dialect for Pointbase.
  28. PostgresPlusDialect An SQL dialect for Postgres Plus
  29. PostgreSQLDialect An SQL dialect for Postgres
  30. ProgressDialect An SQL dialect compatible with Progress 9.1C
  31. RDMSOS2200Dialect This is the Hibernate dialect for the Unisys 2200 Relational Database (RDMS).
  32. ResultColumnReferenceStrategy Defines how we need to reference columns in the group-by, having, and order-by clauses.
  33. SAPDBDialect An SQL dialect compatible with SAP DB.
  34. SQLServer2008Dialect A dialect for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with JDBC Driver 3.0 and above
  35. SQLServerDialect A dialect for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  36. Sybase11Dialect A SQL dialect suitable for use with Sybase 11.9.2 (specifically: avoids ANSI JOIN syntax)
  37. SybaseAnywhereDialect SQL Dialect for Sybase Anywhere extending Sybase (Enterprise) Dialect (Tested on ASA 8.x)
  38. SybaseASE15Dialect An SQL dialect targetting Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15 and higher.
  39. SybaseDialect Deprecated. use AbstractTransactSQLDialect, SybaseASE15Dialect or SQLServerDialect instead depending on need.
  40. TeradataDialect A dialect for the Teradata database created by MCR as part of the dialect certification process.
  41. TimesTenDialect A SQL dialect for TimesTen 5.1.
  42. TypeNames This class maps a type to names.