20+ Free Open Source Projects Using Spring Framework

In this productive article, I would like to discuss 20+ free, open-source projects using the Spring framework for beginners to learn it in depth.

The Spring framework is difficult to learn, especially when you want to develop a real project with industry standards. Reading tutorials is a good way to learn at the beginning, but finally, you still need to read code from real projects.

Here are 20 open-source projects that use the Spring framework. They are from different areas, such as content management systems, online shopping, file management, etc. Reading their source code can help you better understand how to use the Spring framework.

Learn and master in Spring boot on Spring Boot Tutorial
Learn and master in Spring Framework on Spring Framework Tutorials

Here are 20 free open-source projects using Spring framework (Spring Boot)

1. Project Sagan

This is a real-world app that powers the Spring.io website. It is in production and used by thousands of users each day.

Sagan project is open-source and available on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/RameshMF/sagan.

I highly suggest this project. You will learn everything about the Spring framework ecosystem, Elasticsearch, Gradle, and Thymeleaf UI.

Quick reference links to the Sagan project:
4. Sagan - Sagan Wiki
5. Live demo on - Spring.io

2. agileexpress

Express is an Agile project management tool. The web application is written using Flex, while the server-side component is a Spring-based Java EE application.

In this project, you will learn about JPA, spring framework components, clean code, etc.

3. Broadleaf Commerce

Broadleaf Commerce (www.broadleafcommerce.com) is an open-source Java eCommerce platform based on the Spring Framework. Its robust, extensible architecture enables deep customization and rapid development.
The source code of this project is available on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/RameshMF/BroadleafCommerce

Key Features and Technologies

  • Spring Framework
  • Security
  • Persistence
  • Search
  • Task Scheduling
  • Email
  • Modular Design
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Extendible Design
  • Configuration Merging
  • Presentation Layer Support
  • QOS
  • Promotion System
  • PCI Considerations
  • Admin Platform
  • Admin Customization
  • Content Management

4. Spring PetClinic Sample Application

Pet Clinic is a https://spring.io/guides/gs/spring-boot[Spring Boot] application built using https://spring.io/guides/gs/maven/[Maven]. You can build a jar file and run it from the command line.

You can clone the PetClinic application from GitHub - https://github.com/RameshMF/spring-petclinic.

Spring PetClinic Sample Application

Check out readme to know more about the PetClinic application.

5. Powerstone

PowerStone is an open-source Java workflow Management System based on Spring and Hibernate. The system is composed of an engine(processing XPDL documents edited with Enhydra JaWE), a flow management console, a worklist, and an identity management module.
Get the source code from here.

6. Tudu Lists

Tudu Lists is a J2EE application for managing to-do lists. It's based on Spring 2.5, JPA/Hibernate and AJAX (using the DWR framework). It's a simple yet effective project management tool, and it is also often used as a sample Spring application.

7. Alfresco Content Management

Alfresco is an open-source enterprise content management repository (CMS) built by a team that includes the co-founder of Documentum. Its modular architecture uses the latest open-source Java technologies. It includes Document and Records Management.

8. SpringSide

Pragmatic Enterprise Application KickStart, demo the better practice in an enterprise application. It uses Spring, Hibernate, Struts 2, CXF, SpringSecurity, JQuery and more.

9. Plazma

Plazma ERP+CRM solution was written in Java and based on Spring and Hibernate using Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, and HSQL databases.

10. Zksample2

A bigger sample application for the ZK framework. http://www.zkoss.org . Uses Spring, Spring-AOP, Spring-Security, Hibernate, JasperReports, DynamicJasper, Generic-Hibernate-DAO. Live Demo: http://www.zk-web.de/zksample2/


  • ZK framework (zkoss)
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Spring (+Spring Security)
  • Java
  • JasperReport
  • DynamicJasper
  • Hibernate-Generic-DAO
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller pattern)

11. Spring Rich Client

Java Swing application framework built on the Spring Framework with the goal of simplifying what is required to build professional, enterprise-ready, rich client applications.

12. OpenERP

The OpenERP is an enterprise management software written in Java. It uses state-of-art technologies and patterns, such as JSF, Hibernate, Spring, Acegi, AJAX, Axis, and Maven. We also use BaseGen to generate code from UML. Join us, join this SW challenge.


Example: java web application using layered architecture and Hibernate (persistence), Spring (integration, AOP) + Acegi security, Tapestry (GUI) and JUnit (testing) frameworks. It is a simple intranet with user details and the possibility to publish news.

14. Luigi Open Search Engine

Lucene-based search library that leverages the Spring framework to provide easily configurable searches with little or no intrusion in the application code. You can create indexes from any collection of POJOs and benefit from an event-triggered update.


Atricore’s JOSSO is an open-source and commercially supported Internet Single Sign-On (FSSO) solution for point-and-click and standards-based (SAML2) Internet-scale SSO implementations.

16. HSE

HSE (Hibernate, Spring, Echo2) is a 3-tier base application for Echo2 designed to be a starting point for writing robust AJAX applications in Java, Spring, and Hibernate.

17 Java Small Business Platform

Pure Java implementation of a small but powerful, modular, scalable, pluggable and configurable platform for assembling desktop (SE) and/or (EE) business applications from small to mid-size enterprises. Built on Spring and Spring RC.

18. jrecruiter

jRecruiter is a lightweight Spring MVC-based job posting solution.
jRecruiter is a showcase application for a variety of interesting Java-related technologies. It is actively used by the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) for their job posting service.

19. Mini Todo Management Project

Spring MVC Todo Management web application uses Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSP, JPA, and MySQL as a database.
Mini Todo Management Project

20. User Registration Module

This user registration module is developed with Spring Boot, Spring Security, Hibernate, and Thymeleaf. 

Tools and Technologies Used

  • Spring Boot - 2.0.4.RELEASE
  • JDK - 1.8 or later
  • Spring Framework - 5.0.8 RELEASE
  • Hibernate - 5.2.17. Final
  • Maven - 3.2+
  • IDE - Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite (STS)
  • Tomcat - 8.5+
  • Thymeleaf - 3.0.9 RELEASE
  • Bootstrap - 3.3.7
  • JQuery - 3.2.1
  • MySQL - 5.1.46

User Registration Module

Well, I have collected all these resources for learning purposes. These are very useful resources that I will follow. Clone and import these projects into your favourite IDE and play with it.


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